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Ah! But a mans reach should exceed his grasp: or whats a heaven for? Robert Browning

Our Needs:

1. Under 5 year old children, malnourished and not ready for school:

Child Health and Education Centers (Anganwadis-AWs).  At present we are working with 78 such centers and barely cover 15% of our children in this age group. In addition to assuring their readiness for school, we also assure their Total Health physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

2. School drop outs due to poor schooling in the area.

In the Year 2007: Tuition Classes were started for 13 of our village areas. A total 18 classes are functioning very well 8 classes for 1 through 3 grades, 7 for 4 through 7 grades and one for 8th graders, totaling 421 students. At present there are 12 tutorial classes with 386 children attending. The number of children going to higher classes is increasing.  Students never went beyond std.8 earlier. Today 15 students reached std.12, 16 students reached std.11 and 35 students reached std.10.
In addition, it is our cherished dream to have a Childrens Home Child education and Development Center for our destitute little ones to Nourish, Nurture and Educate them. We will work very hard to fulfill that dream.

3. Adolescent Girls and Boys:

6805 girls & 2149 boys received Education regarding Health and Hygiene this year.

Girls were also given vocational training in sewing, & beautician courses to make them self sufficient & economically empowered.
751 women have benefited from sewing classes run at Tankal and 120 of these women earn their livelihood from this skill.

4. Health Education programs In 2011: 99 night programs in selected villages, 306 sessions in hospital wards, 12 during AW check ups, 5 during Eye camps, 51 afternoon sessions in the villages and 3 for the staff members.

5. Internship Program: Students perusing graduate and post-graduate studies spend four to eight weeks at our campus, with the desire for selfless service. They go away with tremendous learning experience, most important being learning to count their blessings and be non-judgmental





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