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Prenatal Project

"Life is a pure flame that is always burning itself out: but it catches fire again every time a Child is Born!" (G. B. Shaw)

MATERNAL MALNUTRITION leads to low birth weight babies due to Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR). They therefore become victims of malnutrition at the very onset of their lives.

One third of our children are born with IUGR, malnourished in the womb itself!

We are providing and encouraging prenatal check-ups and follow-ups for all women in our area. At the clinic, prior to a thorough checkup, the women are counseled and educated by our health workers with the aid of audio-visual programs.
Since 50% of deliveries still occur at home by local birth attendants (Dais), many of whom are untrained, we are diligently creating awareness regarding proper prenatal care and safe delivery in the hospital.

Institutional Deliveries are increasing almost in all villages and Dai system is fading out.
More than 96% institutional deliveries are performed in selected areas.

We now have to concentrate on improving maternal nutrition as about 25% newborns are still Low birth weight

As of year 2009, in certain selected areas our hospital delivery rate has gone up to 90%. We plan to expand this service to other areas as and when funds permit.

"God's gift puts man's best dreams to shame." (Elizabeth Browning)






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