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"We cannot hold a torch to another man's path without brightening our own." (Ben Sweetland)

Our Aim: VISION 2020

Ophthalmic Department Staff:

  • Dr. Kalaigar and Dr.Raijiwala  Senior Ophthalmologists giving Honorary services.
  • Clinical Assistant & Refractionist
  • Sister
  • Ward Boy

Facilities Available:

  • Cataract Surgery:
    • Extra capsular Cataract Surgery with IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) Implantation
    • Sutureless Cataract Surgery
    • Secondary IOL Implementation
    • Scleral Fixation of Secondary IOL
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Penetrating Keratoplasties
  • Pterygium excision with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
  • Ptosis Surgery
  • Squint Surgery
  • Contact Lens Clinic
  • Prosthetic Implants

 Data for the year 2014

  • Total camps 13
  • Total patients 1555
  • Total surgeries 198
  • Total spectacles 971


Field Work:

The Department of Ophthalmology visits Kudkas, our outreach clinic, every Friday to cater to the needs of the tribal people of the Dang District.





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Copyright © 2004-2005 Gram Seva
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