education project

Education Project:

The education project was started in villages to strengthen primary education for children of farm labourers. Volunteers from villages are trained to teach children the three ‘R’s i.e. reading, writing and arithmetic. They then tutor the tribal village children studying from std.1 to std.4. Children are also given value education and life skills through different activities.  Every year about 200 to 300 children in surrounding villages participate in this project.

Village children are less exposed to different extra curricular activities like art and craft etc. Hence we also conduct  various summer camps for these children during vacation and incorporate activities like arts, story telling, making science toys, games etc.

We have also started a library for the children to expose them to the magical world of books.

Aptitude tests and Career Counseling is done  for students in 10th and 12th grade to help them choose their paths.